Dr. Deen Bandhu Chandora

Dr. Deen Bandhu Chandora MD, 66, is a well known philanthropist based in Atlanta USA. He is a firm believer & dedicated follower of Vedic Principles as described by Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati & Arya Samaj. To help spread the knowledge of Vedas globally, he founded WAVES (World Association of Vedic Studies) and Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple USA, and is still supporting them. Dr. Chandora is also a proud writer of a couple of world renowned books like Hindu Centum, Glory of Gayatri etc. He has dedicated most of time, money and efforts for spreading of Vedic Teachings. He also founded a Charitable Trust (Aditya Chandora Memorial Trust) in remembrance of his late son Aditya. This trust has been very active in charity for the needful and to spread the Vedic Philosophy.

To help achieve the goal of spreading the true knowledge of Vedas worldwide, Dr. Chandora helped planning, funding and executing the International Vedic Priest Training Program, wherein Vedic Priests will be trained in the western languages and would be sent to western countries as Pracharaks.


Acharya Ashish Darshanacharya

Aacharya Aashish Darshnaachaarya, initially trained as an engineer, has explored the Vedic concepts, Vedic Yog & Meditation from a position of logic for the past fourteen years and has become a master in explaining the Vedic Philosophy & Meditation scientifically.A disciple of Swami Satyapati Ji, Acharya Ashish has dedicated his life for spreading of Vedic Knowledge and social service.
After completing modern education, he joined Darshan Yog Mahaavidyaalaya, Gujarat, and learnt the Vedic Yog practices and different Aarsh Granthas (ancient scriptures) including Nirukat, Vyaakarn, and Maharshi Patanjali's Ashtang Yoga and is currently serving as Aacharya at the Vedic Saadhan Ashram, Tapovan, Dehradun, India. He is an enthusiastic intellectual possessing the capability to elucidate the paramount, scientific, everlasting, irrefutable principles of Vedas.

Dr. Mahavir Agarwal

Dr. Mahavir Agarwal, 56, is currently the Vice-President, Uttaranchal Sanskrit Academy & the Head, Department of Sanskrit, Gurukul Kangri University, Hardwar, India. He is a world renowned Vedic Scholar and an extempore speaker.

Capt. Anuvrat Arya

Capt. Anuvrat Arya is Secretary of Acharya Ramprasad Vedalankar Nyas. He is a Pilot by profession. Because of the Sanskaars given to him by his late father, Dr. Raprasad Vedalankar, he dedicates most of his time, efforts and money for spreading of Vedic Dharma. He took the tough task of publishing his father’s books and has got all of them done. It’s Mr. Anuvrat, who has made the dream of International Vedic Priest Program a reality, with his management & coordinating efforts.

Vishrut Arya

Vishrut Arya (Son of Dr. Subhash Vedalankar, a scholar from Gurukul Kangri & Shrimati Jaya Taneja, a disciple of Pandit Brahmdutt ji Jijyasu), born in a family of Vedic/Sanskrit scholars, brings the Vedic Heritage in him from his family. A software engineer by profession, he is keenly interested in learning more and more about Ancient Aarsh Scriptures & Vedic Principles. He has been associated with a number of charitable organizations and dedicates his time for social service, Arya Samaj and to spread the Vedic Knowledge.

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